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"Enter the space hulk"

Type of game : Tactical RPG

Co-developer: Cyanide Studio

Release date : October 9th 2018

Platforms : PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Number of players : 1 or online PvP 

Languages :

Audio : English

Subtitles : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Czech, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, simplified Chinese

The « Forsaken Doom » Space Hulk, a pile of spaceships, rocks and ice drifiting across space, is the battleground between the Blood Angels Space Marines, attempting to save the forge world of Gorgonum from its iminent doom, and the Genestealers, an alien race living on board.

« Space Hulk : Tactics » is a turn-based strategy game, based on Games Workshop's tabletop game "Space Hulk". Immersed in the Warhammer 40 000 universe, the player can take control of either the Blodd Angels, to help them achieve their goal, or the Genestealers, whose goal is to stop the enemy squad on their mission.


  • Personalization : The original card system and the squad personalization tool as well as the Mission Creator will allow you to experience every scenario you can imagine on every map you can create. 

  • Online multiplayer : Take the chance to share your maps, discover new ones and face other players while playing as the Genestealers or one of the 4 Space Marines Chapters available : the Blood Angels, the Dark Angels, the Ultramarines or the Space Wolves.

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