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Type of game : Racing game

Release date : October 13th 2016

Platforms: PC / Mac / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

Number of players : 1 to 10 (split-screen or online)

Languages :

Subtitles : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Polish, Russian

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In a world where freestyle and risk-taking dominate, impose your riding style all around the world. Impress your opponents and win races with class! Moto Racer 4 is racing game you can play on asphalt or dirt in single or multiplayer mode (up to ten players). Master drifting, wheelies, sharp turns and other techniques to earn a place on the podium! 

Progress through Moto Racer 4 and take in the stunning environments. From the United States to the Asia by way of the desert, Moto Racer 4 takes you through perilous, breathtaking courses at 100 miles an hour. Obstacles, hell-bent opponents, traffic and even police will get in your way to try to stop you. Go off road and use each course’s unique features to your advantage to find the best shortcuts.

  • Multiplayer : Affrontez vos amis en écran partagé ou d'autres joueurs en ligne dans les 15 modes de jeu disponibles.

  • Customization : Personnalisez votre véhicule et votre pilote afin de vivre une expérience unique face à des concurrents tous différents les uns des autres.

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