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"Yellowbird – As the Birds Fly."

Type of game : Racing game

Release date : February 2015

Platforms :  iOS / Android

Number of players: 1

Languages : French

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The time for the great migration has come. But Darius, the elder of the flock gets injured and has to entrust the first bird he will find with the secrets of the new itinerary. And that bird is ... Yellowbird. Invested with an important task and exhilarated at the idea of finally discovering the world, our hero, who has never left his home, is far from being a migrant. He will have to face many unforseen events surrounded by new friends and will have to find in himself what they need to make it safely to their goal. 

Based on the universe of the movie, Yellowbird - As the birds fly is an arcade game available on smartphones and tablets.

Play as Yellowbird and his friends in a whole new adventure ! Together, you will have to face all storms and hazards on your travel.


16 levels (5 of which are free), several game modes, 4 playable birds and exclusive bonuses are waiting for you !

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